Cancer, as a cause of death, comes only second to heart disease. Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. While it is not clear the carcinogen that causes cancer, smoking, alcohol, and poor diet are linked to the increasing cases of breast cancer.

Everyone is at risk, especially because diet is involved. As you go on your daily schedule, at home and work, you need to keep safe by observing a few routines. Whether you work in an office, construction sites, or workshops, you need to stay safe. Below are simple ways to stay safe.

Avoid Smoking and Stay Away from People Who Do

Smoking is common in workplaces. According to the CDC, nearly 14 in every 100 US adults aged 18 and above the smoke. If you are one of them, you need to stop to reduce your risk of breast cancer. If anyone in your office smokes, you need to stay away from them when they do so. This means staying off the smoking zone in and out of the office. You have to continue the avoidance at home to completely neutralize the risk of breast cancer from cigarette smoke.

Wear PPE to Keep Fumes and Smoke Off

Today, most workplaces use power machines, most of which produce fumes and smoke. If you are a welder, a woodworker, a construction contractor, a farmer, or any other professional that handles machines or chemicals that produce fumes, you need personal protective equipment, PPE. Most modern equipment can handle any cut, compression, or drilling but you need protective gear to use them.

Masks are especially important to keep fumes off. When shopping for masks, get one designed to help handle exact fumes you will be handling. For instance, a cleaner handling chemicals will need a different mask from a welder. Ensure that you have the mask one whenever you are in an environment with fumes, smoke, and chemicals.

Bring Healthy Food to Work

A poor diet, especially processed food, food with additives and preservatives, food with a lot of sugar and sweeteners, and food processed in unhealthy conditions, increase your risk of breast cancer. To stay safe, avoid eating out. If a healthy meal is not provided at the office for lunch, you need to bring healthy meals to work.

Fresh fruits and vegetables should be in plenty, foods with minimal or no sugar, and unprocessed foods. When you cook your food, you control what goes in. When you eat out, you may not know which spices are used, the health conditions of the preparation area, and much more.

Wash Your Hands Often

Washing your hands kills germs and removes hazardous chemicals that you may have come in contact with. When washing your hands, use soap (is possible antibacterial soap, and clean running water. Avoid touching unclean surfaces.

If you are in the field and you cannot wash your hands, avoid touching your face, especially your mouth as that might lead to the ingestion of chemicals. You can also carry a hand sanitizer with you to kill germs. However, the hand sanitizer will not clean off chemicals.

Learn About Workplace Health Hazards

If you deal with chemicals at the workplace, you need to research on the effects of those chemicals on your health. The Center for Disease Control and Protection, CDC, has listed chemicals that are hazardous to human health. If your workplace deals with one or more of the chemicals listed, you need to use protective gear to avoid coming into contact with them.

Demand for transparency at the workplace, especially where chemicals and fumes are involved.


Staying safe at work is not enough. You need to be safe at home, at the park, on your way home, and everywhere else. Everyone needs to take preventive measures at all times everywhere they go to stay safe. Even better, you need to go for mammograms and tests to ensure you are safe from breast cancer – early detection will make treatment easier. In conclusion, be physically fit and breastfeed.