About Us

The Founder

Robert B. Drew has witnessed cases of breast cancer firsthand. After helping so many women suffering from the condition, he made up his mind to start a breast cancer campaign. For many years, he has sensitized women on the importance of breast cancer screening. Through this, many women will have their tests early before cancer progresses to unmanageable stages. From his successes sensitizing women to screen for cancer, he saw a need to sensitize the masses to recycle to fight cancer. Recycling is a simple process, which (if done right) can help reduce air pollution. There are so many other benefits of recycling and this is what Robert B. Drew seeks to achieve.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to convince people to recycle everything they no longer use in the house or in the office starting from simple household utensils to large printers and printer cartridges. There are so many ways of disposing of wastes at home and in the office. However, some of these are not safe for the environment and may lead to pollution. Our mission is to prevent pollution before it happens by showing people how to recycle different items.

Our vision is to see a world free of breast cancer and where everyone recycles to keep the environment clean.