5 Signs You May Have Breast Cancer

There are many signs that can indicate an individual may have breast cancer. These include changes in the breast, such as lumps, excessive growth, or a thickening of the breast tissue. Other symptoms may also include pain in the chest area and/or arm pit region on either side of the body under where breasts would be located. A person should consult their doctor if they notice any change in these areas so early detection can occur and treatment can start right away to increase chances for survival.

Do you have any of these symptoms?

  • A lump in your breast or underarm area
  • Nipple discharge that is not milk, blood, or pus. This may be clear, bloody, watery, or thick and yellow. It could come out one nipple while the other seems normal.
  • Changes in size of breasts (one side bigger than the other) due to lumps inside the breast. Sometimes this can cause a woman’s bra size to change on both sides at once because of swelling in different parts of her breasts.
  • Breast pain that doesn’t go away when you press on it with your fingers (the touch test). You might also feel tenderness around one armpit when you touch