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Which empty inkjet and toner cartridges do you accept?

We accept all cartridges listed on our web page at What We Collect. If you have one or two cartridges that you are not sure about, go ahead and send them in. If you have more than two and you are not sure if they have value, please ask us.


Are there other items you accept beside cartridges?

Yes, some of the other items are cell phones, software, music CDs and surplus office supplies. If you have something you do not see on the list, such as, plastics, cardboard, batteries, cables, parts, used clothing, etc -  please contact us before you throw them away.


Is there a minimum amount of cartridges I need to collect?

In order to receive a free prepaid shipping label for toner cartridges, you must send at least 4 cartridges on the list per shipping label. You can safely ship up to 50 pounds per label.


For inkjet cartridges, you can send in as few as 1 at a time. Each mailing bag can hold from  1 - 3 inkjet cartridges.


Click here for detailed  shipping guidelines  or  packaging guidelines.


Why don't you accept cell phone batteries and other accessories?

Unfortunately, cell phone batteries and accessories such as leather cases, chargers, etc have no recycle value. We ask that you do not send them so we can keep our freight costs down. To recycle your batteries go here.


Do I need to use packaging material when getting the boxes ready to ship?

If you leave the cartridges in their original boxes, we receive them in the best condition. The original boxes should then be placed in a larger box. If the laser cartridges come without their original box, pack them with packing material such as newspaper, peanuts or bubble wrap. Inkjet cartridges are best protected if you put them back in there original boxes. If you do not have the original packaging please wrap them in paper or plastic so the electronics do not get damaged during shipment.


How do I ship my cartridges?

We will provide you with pre-paid envelopes or shipping labels as long as you meet the minimum requirements. Pre-Paid Mailing Envelopes can be dropped in the mail. Pre-Paid Shipping Labels can either be picked up by UPS/FedEx or dropped off at the local depot.


Do you provide shipping boxes?

Because we are a recycling company, we ask that you reuse boxes that have already been used. Many of our offices ask their custodians to save large boxes. You can use computer boxes, but any large box will work. Other places to look for boxes are office supply stores, discount stores, grocery stores, etc.


How do you keep track of a shipment?

We get all pertinent information off the shipping label. It is very important that you do not change anything on the entire shipping label.


What happens to cartridges after we ship them to you?

Empty cartridges are refilled and resold as remanufactured cartridges. Cartridges should be recycled as soon as possible. Many lose value over time.


How should I package my cores for return?

The original packaging is always the best way to protect the cores during shipping. Inkjet cartridges can be packed in the original boxes and then placed in large shipping cartons. Toner cartridges in the original boxes can be taped together in bundles of eight or ten using shipping tape or placed in larger shipping cartons. Fuser cores should be placed into the original packaging including the plastic and packaging foam. If the original boxes and packing materials are not available, please use bubble-wrap, peanuts, newspaper or other material to protect the cores.


What happens to the information that is on the cell phone?

The cell phones are "wiped clean" and reprogrammed. If you have sensitive information on your phone we recommend you erase it before sending us the phone just in case it should get lost in transit.


What happens to the cell phones once RFBC receives them?

The cell phones go in one of three directions, depending on condition, type and age. They are either refurbished and resold back into the market, broken down in to metals and plastics and recycled or given to organizations like homeless and womens shelters for the 911 program.


What cell phones do you accept?

We accept all cell phones. Go to Cell Phones to request a shipping box or label. Please do not send charges, cases or other accessories. Please remove the battery also.


Is the collection program totally free?

Recycle for Breast Cancer provides all the materials you need to aid in your recycling and collection efforts. We also pay all the shipping charges for you to return your items to us provided you meet the minimum requirements. We ask that you mail us music CDs and software, at the time we do not have prepaid labels for these items.



Does Hewlett-Packard pay me for returning empty cartridges?

No - HP does not offer financial incentives for returning empty print cartridges. They do offer a free, easy to use, recycling program for their original LaserJet and Inkjet print cartridges. HP offers a return and recycling program to support their company's commitment to the environment. From HP website FAQs


Do I have to erase my information on my computer before I send it in?

No, this is not necessary. Our technicians will do this for you.




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designed to raise money to support the fight against breast cancer through the recycling of electronic waste.


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